Subaquatic Secrets

What is Subaquatic Secrets

Subaquatic Secrets is 2.5D underwater exploration game for the PC, using Tengine. The player controls a submersible in a mission to find mysterious toxic objects hidden in the depths of the ocean. Once found, the toxic objects will need to be transported through a big maze-like level, back to the surface. To complicate the matter, the toxic objects will mess with the equilibrium of the submersible and add forces to it that make it more challenging to avoid slamming against the environment.

This project was very challenging due to it being our first time making a game at Playgroundsquad. In addition, we were forced to work from home for the majority of the project. Those elements provided a lot of learning opportunities and exciting challenges. We set a very ambitious goal for ourselves in the size of the level. Something that we are very proud that we managed to achieve.


  • Full Controller/Keyboard support
  • Adaptive movement
  • Task pinging
  • Physics Objects
  • Detailed world

Team Deep Dive Studios

Subaquatic Secrets was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2020: