William Bergsmo

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2020


I'm William Bergsmo, a 3D animator at PSQ

I'm an aspiring 3D character animator that found my interest in animation around 2014-2015. I have studied 3D graphic for games at Mediagymnasiet for 3 years 2016-2019. I have knowledge in Maya, Unreal, Unity, Photoshop, Substance Painter and Blender

Game project 1: Subaquatic Secrets

  • I was art lead and was responsible for the planning and communication for artist
  • Planning how to build the level
  • Placing assets in the level
  • Modelling the player

Game project 2: Fear & Mischief

  • Some 3D concept for props
  • 3D model the chest
  • Rigging and animating the chest and the boxing gun glove
  • Rigging the monster
  • Animating the monster
  • Helping with skin weight painting for the players
  • Setting up the rig and animator controller in unity for the monster