Filip Lindberg

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2020


About Me

My name is Filip and I'm 23 years old. I Come from Stockholm but for now live in Falun to study Game Design at PlaygroundSquad
I'm Mainly interested and focused in the area of level design and more specifically 3D Competitive level design games.
This doesn't mean that I'm not interested in doing other styles, I haven't yet had the chance to experience level design in other styles of game but I would love to try.

I do have some experience in Audio and music. I studied in high school music production where we got to learn about music theory, learn instruments and produce music.

Level Design

I focus a lot on the Level Design aspect of games. I really like building the level and guiding/manipulating a player to its destination or journey to make the gameplay feel great.

Currently I'm working on three of my own level design projects.

Overwatch level, This is my priority level that I'm working on the most. It is an Escort mode level that takes place inside the heart of Stockholm.  

Dead by Daylight level which I named "The Botanical garden".

Nightmare for a Dream which is a own made concept game that I've made. This one contains multiple platform levels.

Sound Design

I also have alot of knowledge in Sound design. Back in high school I studied Music production. In game project 1 I was the one who made all the Audio for the game. Soundtracks, SFX and Ambiance I made it all. During Gameproject 2 I didnt make the Audio myself but I did work closely with the Sound team in getting the Audio just right for our game.