Noa Söderlund

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2020

My journey as a game developer started a couple of years ago when I started playing some really good games. And when I realised you could actually make games quite easily I got hooked right away. 

I started my first project in Unity, my goal was to make a 2d game because I didn't know anything about making 3d assets. During this project I began learning programming and to understand how to create and approach game systems from a technical point of view. Most of the time spent my first project was really learning the game engine and C#, but a lot of time was also spent on audio and other things like learning to make art (not sure if I can call it art, but anyways) and UI layout.

During my first year at PlaygroundSquad I have learnt countless invaluable insights into game development. I now know C++ in addition to my prior knowledge of C#, I have a more complete understanding of how a game engine and rendering works. Working in the in-house framework TenGine during this first year and in game project 1 have given me more perspective on how to adapt to different engines. I have also learned more complex code systems like pathfinding, spatial indexing and AI. The two game projects at PlaygroundSquad have been a great learning experience, here's my main contributions in each project. Check out my website linked at the top of the page for more detailed information about the projects.


Twisted Heights (Unity)

  • Programming Lead
  • Pause and menu book 
  • Grabbing mechanic
  • Hat system
  • Camera shake, vignette and movement
  • Level progression structure
  • Audio implementation with FMOD

Liberosis (Unity)

  • Main camera
  • Boids for mantas and whales
  • Audio implementation using FMOD
  • Save and checkpoint system

Subaquatic Secrets (TenGine)

  • Main character movement and camera
  • Triggers with story or events attached 
  • Audio implementation using FMOD