Altea Blomkvist

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2020

About me

Hi there! Glad you found your way here! 

My name is Altea Blomkvist and I am a 24 y/o aspiring 3D character artist with a big creative mind. 

I have during my whole life had a big interest for both art and games. Before getting into PSQ I had no experience of 3D art, only 2D, but during my time here, from the fantastic teachers and nice fellow students I have learnt a lot during this short time. 

I have during my time on Playgroundsquad figured out what I want to focus on and that is character and creature creation. I love to create concept art for characters and make them come to life as 3D models. The past year I have dreamt about some day seeing my own characters come to life in the game projects I 'm participating in.  

Also before getting into PSQ I graduated from the Västerås Carlforsska Gymnasium - Art and design class 2015 (3 years) and I also graduated from Västerås Artschool 2018 (2 years). These education has given me alot of knowledge for human anatomy, colours, light, sketching, working with clay and plaster, working with oil paint and chacoral etc, aka: The basics in traditional art. Given this knowledge helps me alot during my time here on PSQ. 

A part from the art and game interest I would say I have a good way of working in group, I am a happy and positive person, always being supportive to my friends and fellow students. 

I did an experiment on facebook asking all my friends to describe me in three words and this is the result :

  • Creative 
  • Inclusive 
  • Inspiring

Instagram art acc: Menyria_drawings

Game Project 2 - Fear & Mischief

  • In the second project, I was one of two making concept art for the 4 children characters. After the final concepts I started sculpting clothing and hair for the characters and then I handed over the characters to a fellow student in the group for retopo, texturing and making them game ready. 
  • I also made some items, furnitures and props for the game and got to do alot of UV-mapping and puting in trimsheets on the furnitures. 
  • I textured different objects and also optimized meshes.

Game Project 1 - Subaquatic Secrets 

  • For the first project I, among a cuple of other artists in the group did concept art for defferent objects and surroundings for the game. 
  • I also built some 3D meshes and did some texturing. Texturing the corals and the main character, The Submarine.
  • I was also the one making our art-bible through the first weeks.