Cornee Nieuwenhuis

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2020

Hi There!

I'm Cornee Nieuwenhuis a Dutch programmer that is willing to go far, even going to a Swedish school far.

Unlike most programmers i didn't start out young with programming but i did have an interest for it at a young age, i started getting into how they work, how to fix them and how to build them (it counts as my hobby now).  Soon after, i discovered programming and was hooked instantly. My previous school was directed at web development which i still tinker around with from time to time, but this didn't satisfy my lust for POWER!!!! (programming power that is). And so i jumped into game development to quench this thirst for programming power. 

As i learn more about game development as a whole i'm sure to enjoy more fields, but this is in order of what i'm most interested in so far:

  • Software Developer (Game Engines, Map Makers, etc.)
  • Shaders (HLSL)
  • Gameplay Design
  • Gameplay Developer

Some good things about me:

  • Independant
  • Quick Learner
  • Good Communicator
  • ambitious
  • Like to read GDDs

Project 1: Subaquatic Secrets

In the first project at PSQ i was lead of the programmers which came with the responsibilty of time managment for new features and communication between the programmers and designers/artist. Aside from being the lead, During the first week we had an idea to create a new tool for PSQs proprietary engine (Tengine). The Plan was to create a World Editor for it but 3 days in, we decided to scrap it because of the time constraint of the project, but i have recently revived this ambitious task to a personal project. Other than this ambitious task i implemented the HLSL shader for the minimap, Custom Json Reader, UI and Lots of bug fixing.

Project 2: Heliotrope

Heliotrope was a very teaching Project, the 2 main reasons was that this was my first Unity Project and that it was developed for the PS4. The mix of 2 new things was a difficult start, but with the help of my fellow programmers and StackOverflow i managed to immerse myself fully in both unity an building for the PS4. In Project i worked on the player(Collision handling, Super Jump Mechanic, fall damage),SoundMachine (which is on my github)and Camera interaction / collision.

Thank you for taking the time to read my page.

Have a good-morning/afternoon/evening