Expiration Date

Be transported into a world on the brink of collapse in Expiration date, a moody first person shooter in which managing your resources and choosing your engagements well can decide over your own survival. Escape the abandoned cityscape and slip out of the grasp of the Jägers, the regime's fierce iron fist beating down on the resistance. Will you be able to make your way out of the sunless city, or are you going to meet your expiration date?


  • Heat management: A balancing act of invisibility to the heat sensors while close to death

  • A beautifully rendered, yet terrifying world

  • Resource management: Every bullet spent has long-term consequences

  • Stealth/combat hybrid: Perhaps direct confrontation isn't always the best option

Watch trailer here

Team Shroudbound

Expiration Date was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2022: