Christian Sydow Andresen

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2022

General Game Designer with a flair for narrative

Hi there! My name is Christian Sydow Andresen, and I am a Game Design Student at PlaygroundSquad!

Originally from Denmark, but moved here to Sweden to study at PlaygroundSquad as it was my only real option for learning Game Design in Scandinavia, and it has given me the opportunity to work alongside some great and talented people.

I am a bit of an all-rounder, as my goal is to become an indie developer where I would be responsible for practically all parts of the design process, although my greatest interest lies with narrative design. I have always loved telling stories, and originally wanted to become a writer. That said, I have always wanted to become a game developer, and found it to be a much better medium to convey interesting and engaging narratives, so it made sense to combine the two.

It's my dream to start my own studio and work full time on my own games, with people whose passion for making fun games rival mine. But that is a while yet, and until then I am more than happy to learn everything I can about game development.