Suzanna Kwidzinska

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2022

Hello, welcome to my page!

I am an aspiring Environment Artist currently studying 3D Art for Game Development at PlaygroundSquad, Sweden. 

Before my studies at PlaygroundSquad I’ve had experience in traditional art. I often spent time studying art pieces and recreating them, mainly drawing, but also painting.

During my time at PlaygroundSquad my goal was to learn about 3D. Now that I am more confident in what I do, my main focus is getting better at creating game ready foliage and environments. My favorite part of the process is modeling and the best feeling is seeing your vision form and come to life. 

Software I use daily include Autodesk Maya, Adobe Substance Painter and Unreal Engine.

Game Project 1: Full Moon Fears

  • Responsible for creating the foliage in the level

  • Created/animated minor props such as a bear trap and a bunny

Game Project 2: Monster Wash

  • Responsible for creating the foliage and outside environment in the level

  • Prop creation and texturing

Feel free to check out my ArtStation, contact me on my e-post if you have any questions, or connect with me on LinkedIn!

Have a nice day!