Lukas Arnold

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2022

Why hello there,
It's me remember? The Game Designer of your dreams? Well maybe not yet, but I hope to be that someday! For now I am a passionate Game Developer who is currently honing their own craft in Playgroundsquad. To me, videogames have been the biggest artform us silly humans have created over the few years we've inhabitated this planet.

Jokes aside, I am deeply interested in creating all sorts of captivating experiences in and outisde of gaming. That may involve filmmaking, 3D art and animation, of course my main strength GAME DESIGN and any other creative endeavor I might dabble in such as my lifelong love for writing and poetry.

Within the Design aspect of game development I am very much interested in telling stories and themes in whatever way possible. When all elements of a game come together to tell a compelling story, that is when I am most invested.

Therefore my interested include: 

  • Narrative Design/ Writing
  • Level Design
  • AI Design
  • Gameplay Design

Yet these skills and interests don't exclude any other parts of game design I might suddenly find interesting. I like to constantly challenge myself, especially by trying new things and learning. But most importantly, my mind is just too active to stay on one small aspect of something for too long. The world is full of wonder and I am here to suck every last bit of it out.

Favorite Games:

  • Outer Wilds
  • Spec Ops: The Line
  • Thief Series
  • Deus Ex Series
  • Prey
  • Xcom 2