Selma Einarsdottir

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2020

My name is Selma Einarsdóttir, I'm a graphical 3D artist, focusing on animation. I am studying at Playgroundsquad, 3D graphics and animation. 

I've been playing games since the age of 6, after watching my older siblings play when I was younger. Games have always influenced my art in many ways over the years.

My previous studies include indiespelutveckligen and Dataspel & Filmeffekter where I learned the basis in different areas of 2D, 3D grapchis, sculpting as well as touching on every aspects of game production.

I mainly use Maya for animation but also have experience in Spine and Photshop for 2D. 

My work experience includes creating Minecraft skins for House of How.

In my freetime I like to play games, read stories and watch tv.

Gameproject 1: Resilient 

In our team, Sad Lab Rats, I was responsible for completely rigging characters, to be animated by me as well as others in the team.

  • Rigged both protaganist and enemy
  • Animated the playable character

Gameproject 2: Fear & Mischief

In our team called MadHouse Games, I shared the responsibility for animating and rigging.

  •  Rigged the playable character made by my fellow teamates. 
  •  Animated the children movements and their interaction with the game world.