3D, Fast-paced, Action shooter, Superpowers

The Game 

In Resilient you play as a woman who has been kidnapped and experimented on in a secret laboratory. Use your superpowers which were gained from the experiments to escape the laboratory and regain your freedom. Use lightning to stun and fireballs to eliminate the lab workers who are trying to capture you. Three levels, with three enemy waves, fight like your life depends on it… Because it does..

Key Features

  •  Fast-paced action game where you fight multiple enemies at once. 
  •  Drink the power-up flasks which activates your superpowers and master your fireballs and lightning to be able to escape. 
  •  Intense music and eerie detailed art.

Team Sad Lab Rats

Resilient was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2020: