Johan Ternefors

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2008

Hello everyone!

My name is Johan Ternefors and I'm a second year student here at Playground Squad.

I've always been interested in how games are built up and the general design that defines them. Which is why, of course I'm in the game design class.

I love a lot of games in various genres but my true passion lies in the RPG area. The Shin Megami Tensei series along with hack n' slash types such as Diablo being my favorites by far.

I've been part of two (currently working on the third) game projects. The first one was Jump!, a platformer with a twist and the second one was a dark FPS named Umbral Promises.



Here follows my work on the project Jump!

Game Design Document (PH)

Level Design(PH)

Jump! The game (PH)


And here follows my work on the project Umbral Promises

Game Design Document (PH)



Currently all my work samples are in swedish but can be translated on request.