Umbral Promises

Umbral Promises is a FPS game that focuses around the never-ending struggle between light and dark. Our main character will be able to shoot light as his means of attacking.

Our level is in the form of a temple where praying to the dark took place in the past, it will be lit up by orbs of light, these will be used for battling monsters, solving puzzles, healing yourself and lighting up the otherwise dark temple. Upon shooting these orbs they will expand into big spheres of light, these spheres will heal the character while in it and cause high amounts of damage to the monsters.

The temple will be divided into four puzzles and a bossfight at the end, being it's climax.

Umbral Promises will be a unique experience and a breeze of fresh air into a genre of games that really need it.





Umbral Promises was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2008: