The Plant That Eats People

Game Pitch

Feed! Gorge upon the feeble humans trying to stop your rampage in this post-apocalyptic hack n' slash set in the 50's "pleasantville" america.

FlowerPower! Unleash your most powerfull attacks with our FlowerPower! Feature. No more button mashing! All your attacks can be done by simple mouse movements on screen instead.

Evolve! As you feed on the flesh of man and free young seedlings you grow stronger and evolve. Pick from 13 different level upgrades as you progress in levels.

Survive! Lets face it, you're just one plant, they WILL get you eventually. But you won't go down without a fight right!? Eat as many of those pesky humans and free as many seedlings as possible before they bring you down!




The Plant That Eats People was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2008: