Pontus Johansson

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2021


I like to delve deep and immerse myself in the projects I'm working on. I tend to build up this whole world in my head that I can use when I'm either building levels or writing documents. Often this leads to me simply being able to just look for the parts that I'm interested in. When building a level for example I visit this imaginary world and I have a look around, I look at the architecture, the environment and the technology.

Game Project 1 - No Book Forgotten

Top-down stealth

Play as a librarian that tired of people not returning their books on time, so you've decided to take matters into your own hands. You break into people's homes in order to steal back the books, but be careful so you don't get caught!

  • Level & Gameplay Design
  • Lead Designer
  • Creating and maintaining GDD

Game Project 2 - DETACHED

First-person puzzle adventure

You wake up in an unknown facility that's crumbling around you feeling that something isn't right. You've been experimented on and can now separate yourself from your own shadow and can teleport back to it at will.
Use your shadow to overcome obstacles and solve environmental puzzles! 

  • Level, Gameplay & Puzzle Design
  • Lead Designer
  • Creating and maintaining GDD

Game Project 3 - Scour the Dark

Top-down co-op horror shooter

Currently in development, more details to come soon!

  • Level & Gameplay Design
  • Co-lead Designer
  • Creating and maintaining GDD