No book forgotten

The books will be returned

No Book Forgotten is a game about a librarian who's grown tired of people not returning books on time so she's decided  to take matters into her own hands...Title_Page

Collect all the books! While sneaking around in other people's homes you'll find books scattered around on various places that hasn't yet been returned on time. Find them all before the time runs out or the residents find you sneaking around.NBK_Bedroom2_Book

Cover art. When picking up a book you'll get to see a randomized book cover. The inspiration for the book covers comes from the other designers pitched game concept. A fun little easter egg for other students when they got to test our game!NBK_BookCover

Watch your step! Be careful to not make too much noise or the residents might hear that they have an intruder in their home! There are hazards on the floor that will make a lot of noise when stepped on, especially if you're running over them!NBK_BathroomHazardVFX

Out of sight, out of mind! They could also see you but luckily for you the residents are quite old so they don't see too far and don't trust their own eyes very much, so if you're quick enough to get out of the way before you're fully detected they will forget that there was someone in front of them not too long ago.NBK_OldManWalkingAway

Caught! Watch out so you don't get caught, if this happens you'll be forced to restart the level.. The upside to this is that you get to play this awesome level again!NBK_Caught


Team Lagom Interactive

No book forgotten was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2021: