Felix Emblad

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2021

I am a game programmer from Sweden Gothenburg. Before coming to this school I was a student at LBS Gothenburg where I studied game programming for 3 years. Now I am currently a student at PlaygroundSquad where I have studied game programming for 1 year now. So in total I have studied game programming for 4 years now.  

During these years I have worked on a whole bunch of different game projects that you can check out here https://emblad.itch.io/. These projects have been in different engines and coding languages. I have used both C++ and C# for the game projects . The projects have been in engines such as Unreal, Unity, and Tengine (in house engine with no editor). I have also worked on some personal projects one of these was made in Tengine and the others is small concepts I have started working on to experiment and to learn. Sadly these projects was all later scraped since I saw no reason to keep developing on team and instead moved on to the next thing since I am always on the move to learn to next cool thing to increase my skills.

check out more about me 

webside https://sites.google.com/view/felixemblad/home

my projects: https://emblad.itch.io/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/felix-emblad-ba7839242/

Contact Info 

Mail: Femblad@outlook.com

Phone: 46+ 07-968-93-11