In the 23rd century a new sport has taken the world by storm. That sport is Current and you're about to join the major league.

? Supercharged athletics: Electricity is everything in Current, use the juice you drain from the high voltage arena to lead your team to victory

? Team play is key: Current is no place for lone wolfs, cooperate with your team to hold valuable energy hotspots and use your energy to charge their weapon ammo

? Get the point: Charge your team's main battery to earn points or make use of the handy mobile battery that travels across the level, just remember that the mobile battery can only hold a certain amount of energy on each trip.

? Shocking development: Zap your opponents with your shock gun to steal their points and send them crying back to base.

? Absorbing: Use your absorber shield to defend yourself from attacks, but remember that the shield needs to charge up between each use


Current was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2011: