Staffan Tejre

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2011

I'm a programmer, born 1992 in Gävle, Sweden.

Gaming has always been a huge part of my life and as I discovered my passion for programming, the thought of becoming a game programmer emerged.

Now I study at playgroundsquad after having graduated from John Bauer, Gävle, with an IT orientation and I'm more determined than ever that this is what I'd like to do.

In my free time I, for the most part, play PC games. I also enjoy playing the piano.


School project 1: The Lighthouse ( 5 weeks )

This is what I worked with in this project:

 - Weapons and abilities, and how these interacted with the players and the enemies

 - Customized the way sectors are rendered in TenGine

 - The camera, movement and tilt functions

 - A few UI things ( enemy health bars, reload timer )

 - The menu system


Gameplay trailer:


School project 2: Do Not Stop The Doughnut ( 9 weeks )

This is what I worked with in this project:


In Game

 - HUD

 - The menu system

 - Obstacle system

 - Score system

 - Outliner shader

 - Deathpit system

 - Statemachine + state structure

 - I worked alot with the general structure for our code.



 - Obstacle system

 - Death pit system


Gameplay video:

Editor showcase: