Tomas Olander

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2009

Hello! I'm a former student at PlaygroundSquad, and also former supervisor at PlaygroundSquad.

If you want to contact me personally, you should hit me up via the links above.

For hilarious posterity, my original presentation from my time as a student follows down below. Enjoy!

I'm a programmer from the province of Dalecarlia, Sweden.

Source code and/or executables for the projects below can be provided on request.

School Project 1: Eggnappers

I wrote all of the game code being the only programmer on the team. This included a combined outline shader, real time particle editor, the implementation irrKlang for sound effects and music playback, a configuration program and gamepad/keyboard support.

Eggnappers won the Gamer's Choice award at the Swedish Game Awards 2010.

SGA 2010 trailer:
Gameplay video:
Project page:

School Project 2: Dynasty of Zealots

I was the lead programmer on this project. Some of my contributions included a fully-fledged level editor with triggers and entities, Lua scripting along with an entity dictionary system, an instance shader with a helper MEL script for XML exporting of instances, FMOD integration, a post-processing bloom shader, and overall object management for the codebase itself. The original "Eggnappers" particle editor also received a revamp.


School Project 3: Talon's Reach (PSP)

This was my first time working on a PSP game, and the overall experience was very valueable in terms of learning how to make an efficient game on fairly limited hardware. My main contributions consisted of an optimized particle renderer, a 3D sound engine, the level loading mechanism, as well as the overall design for the codebase itself.


Personal projects

Seal Hunter -
Singleplayer Preview Video - Intro Video

A remake of a hotseat multiplayer game - featuring an online multiplayer mode with a global account system, achievements, online stats tracking, unlockable weapons, and much more. Written in C++ with a MySQL backend.


A particle system middleware featuring a very powerful graph-based editor, allowing effect designers to precisely and accurately design the best-looking effects there are, with real-time previewing. Network support for in-game editing is planned further down the line.