Per Wikman

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2011

Hello, I'm a 22 year old game programmer studying at PlaygroundSquad.

I have worked on two game projects at school so far. Rearmed (PC) and Battle Tactics (PSP). Here are some descriptions on what I was responsible for implementing.

Rearmed (PC)

Rearmed is a top-down shoot-em-up featuring a unique weapon mechanic. Instead of picking up ammo packs, the player detaches his own weapon and 'rearms' his opponent's weapon. Rearmed was made in five weeks.

-Weapon and ammo system (Rearming)

-Player control, the player ship's direction always points towards the mouse cursor

-Collision between enemies, bullets and player

-Randomized weapon pickups

-Basic UI showing remaining health and ammo

-Sprite animation

Battle Tactics (PSP)

Battle Tactics is a tactical turn-based strategy game developed for the PSP. The PSP's hardware limitations made this a fun and interesting project to work on. The original length of the project was ten weeks. This was extended an additional three weeks in an attempt to get it published as a PSP Mini.

- Fake instancing for character model rendering. Instead of loading two of the same character models into memory only one is loaded and rendered multiple times in the same frame.

- Main menu, game selection etc

- Textbox management

- Sound effects and music

- Animated sprites used for weapon attacks, hits and status messages

- Character animation


Technical skills

-Basic HLSL (Cubemap, Normalmapping, Skinning, Splat mapping, Blinn-Phong shading model,

LOD and hardware instancing, Stencil shadows, Cel shading)

-Great C++ knowledge

-Some experience with C#, Python, PHP, MySQL

-API/Frameworks: DirectX, TenGine, XNA, Maya