Key features

  • Forget reloading and ammo-packs, kill enemies to completely rearm with their weapons.

  • Use two different weapons at the same time to optimize your impact on different enemy ships.

  • No static enemies, these guys are really out to get you and will hunt you down!

  • Go wherever you want; The camera follows you and the arena is not limited to your computer screen.

  • Use your skill to get to the top of the highscore list!




The human race have had major research-breakthroughs in the last 100years, resulting in interstellar spacetravel. Thanks to this the human species have set-up more then 20 colonies spread throughout the universe. With no earlier alien contacts their worst fear had been pollution and various enviromental hazards. But this was proven to be a subject of change.


Main story:

An unknown threat has arisen, the former capital-planet Earth has sent out distress calls throughout the human colonies and in response you, Commander Summers has been sent to annihilate the opposing threat. To aid you in your effort you pilot the experimental fighter-ship Njardmir Mk1 equipped with the advanced R-ARM technology to dessimate your foes.


Rearmed was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2011: