Niclas Sjöquist

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2019

My name is Niclas Sjöquist and i am a aspiring games artist with interest in environmental art and light art with a big focus on the technical aspects and workflow/pipeline.

I studied in highschool at Ljud&Bild Skolan for game art and then community collage for art.

I have a great drive to learn more and study areas of graphics i'm less comfortable with.

School Projects

Project 1: Dangerous Heights 

Engine: Tengine
Role: Environmental art and light tech

I mainly created tile-sets and setup the pipeline for the environment as well as light-baking and level art.

Project 2: Death blade

Engine: Unity
Role: level artist/light artist 

My focus on this project was solving problems and implementation of art and setting up systems for prefab baking and post process work and rendering.