Martin Dahlin

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2009

My name is Martin and I'm a Technical Artist from Stockholm.
I went to PlaygroundSquad in 2009-2010 studying 3D Graphics. After my education I worked as a 3D Artist for 4 years after transitioning to Technical Art in Jan 2016.

I have decided to keep my original profile here on PSQ for historical reasons. It might be nice to some people to see how things have developed since I was a student here. The only thing that has changed since then is my portfolio (found below), this intro text and I also decided to translate my original presentation into English.

If you are an anspiring Artist or Developer who are curious about the Technical Art craft and would like to know more about what it involves, please feel free to contact me.

Hello. My name is Martin and I'm a 25 year old guy from Dalarna, Sweden.

In high school I studied science and technology in Mora and I graduated in 2004. I worked a bit after that and then applied to the Web Design programme in Sundvall (Mid Sweden University). It wasn't the best of my decisions and I ended up being incredibly disappointed by the education and university studies in general. In other words: I figured out pretty late that Game Development is something I should've studied instead considering that I've always been interested in Video games ever since I was about 4 or 5 years old.

My other interests are: Graphical design, computers, TV shows and movies, Sci-Fi, science, psychology, WWII and Electronic Dance Music. I like most stuff within this branch of music but I'm mostly into Trance, Ambient, Drum n Bass, Goa/Psy, Breakbeat, Video Game Music and House music. ;)

Before I started at PSQ I've mostly done some level design and modding for Half-Life 2, Quake 2 and Far Cry 2 - but also done some modding and data-extraction stuff for games like World of Warcraft and Civilization. I also have previous experience of Adobe Photoshop (and I consider myself relatively good at it), vector graphics (Flash and Freehand MX) and a little bit of Game Dev (30 ECTS) in the form of ZBrush and Level Design.

Game Project 1 - Eggnappers (winner of "Gamer's choice" - Swedish Game Awards 2010)

Switch - our submission tol Global Game Jam 2010 (download)

The making of Switch (behind the scenes)

Game Project 2 - Fused (SGA-page)

Fused (latest videon)

Fused official SGA game trailer

Game Project 3 - Tales of Towers