Jimmy Lundgren

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2019

Hello, My name is Jimmy.
I am an aspiring game artist, my current goal is in creature and character design, i love armors, creatures alike and want to work with either one in my future work, i like 2D and 3D art alike but currently working on my 3D skills the most. I prefer to create things in a stylized artstyle as i have always liked the look of it. Always appriciate feedback on my work and want to know what i can improve.

I started doing 3D around my mid 17s after i had tested programming and felt it was the right career i wanted to take in life.

During the first game project i worked on the game Dino Jump and my main role was to create the character and then help out with platforms and other things where i could. Then during the second project i worked on the game Death Blade and did concept art, weapon and decoration.