Fabian Fernlund

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2018

Hello! My name is Fabian. I have a passion for video games, programming, anime and nerdy things in general. I have been programming on my own since the age of 13 before being accepted into PSQ. During my years here I have massively evolved both as a programmer and as a person in general, and I thrive to keep developing and learning new things for the rest of my career. 

I specialize in C++ but I also have some experience working with Lua and C# for Unity and I am always willing to learn new things and get better at them.

Here are some of the things I worked on during my years here:


  • WASD movement and mouse look
  • AI enemy behavior
  • AI enemies whistling at random intervals when in range
  • Player and enemy footsteps
  • Picking up items

Trial of Odin

  • Specular shaders
  • AI enemy behavior
  • A* path finding
  • Ability for player to slide against walls(not getting stuck)
  • Displaying debug info to help the entire team

Red Blue Shooter(RBS)

  • Camera adjustments
  • Death animation
  • Gun not going through walls
  • Video options menu(resolution, window or full-screen etc)