Fabian Fernlund

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2018

Hi! My name is Fabian. I have programmed since the age of 13, and my favorite programming language is C++. I love C++ because of the ability to point to addresses in memory, it's object oriented, but still low level, and there are a lot of libraries available for it. I also like it because it compiles to machine code, which is faster than indirectly running code from scripts. Of course, I do understand that scripting is also useful in some cases.

While I am mostly comfortable with C++, I do have some knowledge of other languages, such as C#, Lua etc.

At PlaygroundSquad, I worked on Laborated and Trial of Odin. I am currently working on our third game project, which is about shooting red or blue bullets on enemies with the matching colors.

Here are some things I did while working on the following games:


  • WASD movement and mouse look
  • AI enemy behavior
  • AI enemies whistling at random intervals when in range
  • Player and enemy footsteps
  • Picking up items

Trial of Odin

  • Specular shaders
  • AI enemy behavior
  • A* path finding
  • Ability for player to slide against walls(not getting stuck)
  • Displaying debug info to help the entire team