Trial of Odin

Prove Thy Worth

Take the role of a Vala “Wielder of Staff”, as you enter the ancient ruins of Borgarholt, and prove your worth in the Trial of Odin. 

  • Game Genre: 3D, Puzzle, Single-player, Action-Adventure 
  • Setting: Fantasy, Norse Mythology 
  • Camera perspective: Isometric 
  • Platform: PC 
  • Controls: Keyboard and Mouse 

Set in ruins inspired by old Norse mythology, Trial of Odin will take you on a journey through ancient halls, ridden with traps and foes. 

To aid you in your quest, your staff has been imbued with the Stasis Ability. With it, you will be able to stop enemies in their tracks, levitate objects and launch them across the room. 

Think fast and wisely, in order to progress through the challenges. Reach the end of the trial and prove that you are worthy of the title, Champion of Odin.

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Team Cape Bird

Trial of Odin was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2018: