Ekaterina Zudikhina

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2020

About me.

Hello! My name is Katya Zudikhina and I am an artist student in PlaygroundSquad.

I graduated from the Ural State University of Architecture and Arts as a Graphic designer. Right after university I was working as a children illustrator. But I decided to develop my artistic skills further and since I always loved playing games I tried 3D art as a short introductory remote course and found it as a thing I would like to do. Right after that I applied to the PSQ.

In PlaygroundSquad I decided to focus on making props and characters. I like working with organic forms and fantasy is my favorite genre.

Game project 1: Resilient

For this project I was making:

  •  2D pictures for the presentation as an explanation of the main character story
  • Made IU elements 
  • Enemy weapons (concept, modeling, UVs, textures)

Game project 2: Liberosis

For the second project I made:

  • Concepts for the creatures, I participated in making the concept of the main character.
  • Sculpted, did retopology, UV-mapped and textured whale, manta rays, rock fox statue and mushrooms.
  • Sculpted rocks and sculpted and did retopology and UVs for the big root. 
  • Populated the environment of one area of the first level.
  • Made several items for collectibles (sculpting, retopology, UVs and textures).