Dennis Thörnqvist

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2008

I'm a 28 year old gamer originally from Stockholm. Some of my friends call me Bramm. I'm a relaxed guy who enjoys spending time with friends (especially combined with a good game).

I live with my fiancé, two cats and one snake just 20 minutes outside Stockholm.

I have always been interested in how to improve games. What's good, what's not? And with over 20 years of intensive gaming I decided that this is what I should do. So I enrolled to PSQ and got in (*phew*)

So far this is what I have done here at PSQ:

Lead designer for project "Elderly Escape"

Lead designer for project "The fantastic revenge"

Producer for project "The plant that eats people"

As this shows I tend to be in a leader position, something I am very comfortable with. I am never afraid to make choices but I always listen carefully to others opinions before making one.

Even though I normally find myself in a leader position I´m as comfortable with leading a group as I am being led by someone else.

No matter what position I have, I always bring a positive attitude and a contagious grin =D


Some of my work (if you like reading a lot) All of it is from our 10 week project "The Fantastic Revenge"

Game design document



Heinrich / Franz (both characters are currently only availble in Swedish)

Showreel & Teaser


Here you can also see my GDD for our first project (8 weeks) "Elderly Escape"


I also play a lot of pen and paper role playing game and I have been an active GM for 7 years and an active player for 18 years. I'm just going to show you a character and an early version of a campaign I recently started. (Unfortunately it's currently all in Swedish)

One of my favorite characters I've ever played: Garm Gråulv

And this is some documentation about the campaign world I've created and is currently GM of: Geldarin