Cassandra Ohlsson

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2020

Hello there!

My name is Cassandra and I’m an aspiring narrative and level designer. I’ve been interested in games and the worlds and stories that build them for as long as I can remember. At PSQ I’ve been introduced to and gotten to try out most aspects of game design, and have found all of them intriguing and interesting to work with. I am always open to learning new things!

If you want to know more about me and my work, consider taking a peek at my portfolio!

School Projects :

Nuclear Opera

My roles during this project:

  • Lead Game Design
  • Gameplay Design
  • Project Management
  • Documentation
  • Quality Assurance
Fear & Mischief

My roles during this project:

  • UI Design
  • Narrative Design
  • Feature Design
  • Quality Assurance