Arrjan Tarach

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2019

Hey!:) I am Arrjan and I love making games. 

From a very young age, I knew I wanted to make games. However, my passion for game design and making games fun to play was not enough. To make my games I had to learn how Script/Code to be able to create my dream games and today I make my dream games.

Other interests include Programming Games, Drawing Pixel Art, Working Out and Nutrition.

My experiences:

Personal Project: Boss Souls Arena
[Gameplay Design]
[All The Programming]
      • [Systems]
      • [Menus]
      • [Content] - Items, Bosses and Characters 
[Content Design]
      • [Characters]
      • [Items]
      • [Bosses]

School Project: Death Blade
[Gameplay Design]
[Combat Design] - Pushforward Aggressive Combat Vision
[Content Design] - Upgrades
[Project Manager/Lead] - Vision Holder & Planning
[QA Lead] - Gathering information and interpretations

School Project: Dino Jump
• [Gameplay Design]
• [Project Manager/Lead]
- Planning
• [Level Design] - 2.5/7 Levels
• [QA]

Personal Game Jam Project: Dungeon Legends
• [Gameplay Design] - Combat
• [Programing]
• [Content Design] - Enemies and Characters
• [UI]
• [QA]