Alexander Jansson

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2019

Hello there!

I'm Alexander Jansson and I am a hard surface artist from Stockholm. I first discovered 3d art when I was 13, back then I made mods for Counter-Strike: Source and was fairly active within the modding community during the mid 2010's. During my time with modding I focused mainly on weapon modelling and texturing but also experimented with first person animations.

I like challenges, while working with engines such as Unity or Unreal leaves much freedom to the user I find that working with older engines such as Source 1 to be a healthy challenge. While it can be frustrating at times it forces me to come up with creative solutions to achieve results. A key talent of mine, problemsolving.

Dangerous Heights

During our first project I was resposible for Art direction, asset creation as well as promotional content.

Song of the Bardbarian

During our second project my resposibilites was Art Lead and Tech Art.
I took it upon myself to identify holes in the art production pipeline and fill them up. My longterm goal was to be an enabler, it was my task to enable the other artists to be able to do their job as best as they could with the amount of time we had.

To break it down even further; this is what I did during the project:

  • VFX
  • Status bars for the UI
  • Props
  • Shaders
  • Assisted the environment team with decal production and scene population.