Oliver Berglund

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2021

"It's good to include quotes in your profile" - unknown source


My name is Oliver Berglund and I'm a programmer who currently spends way too much time in Visual Studio (everybody's favourite IDE). I try to keep my programming-focus on gameplay and recently also A.I., but I enjoy working with UI, sound and pretty much anything else too; challenges are (almost) always fun. During my free time, I like to implement different mechanics or systems in my own way, in order to get a better understanding of how and WHY they work. My aspiration is to make games that are fun and don't require a NASA computer to run.

I have experience working with C# in the Unity game engine, as well as Blueprints in UE4 and C++ in PSQ's in-house TenGine. I'm also looking into trying out the Godot engine, as it seems very flexible and easy to use.


* Good knowledge of C#/C++

* Fundamental programming skills regarding Graphics/Networking & Sound

* Advanced programming skills regarding A.I.

* Intermediate programming skills regarding gameplay

* Experience in using different engines ( Unity, UE4, TenGine )


These are the school-related projects I've participated in during my time at PlaygroundSquad.

Group Project 2: Neo Heroes ( Unity - C# )

  • Character interactions - Attacking, Taking Damage, Dying
  • Enemy A.I.
  • Combat systems
  • Main Game & Hub cameras
  • Screen fade
  • Score system
  • Join & Respawn functionality
  • Implemented all the VFXs
  • Implemented all the Animations

Group Project 1: Grapplevania ( TenGine - C++ )

  • Character interactions - Attacking, Taking Damage, Dying
  • Character knockback
  • Collision detection
  • Player's throwable Bomb
  • Breakable walls
  • Health & Bomb timer UI-elements
  • Drop-through platforms
  • Last minute implementation of FMOD