Viktor Öfjäll

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2009

I'm a 21 year old programmer, currently studying my second year here at PlaygroundSquad.


My language of choice when programming is C++ with HLSL and DirectX. I also have some experience with FMod, RakNet and PhysX.


School projects:

Jetbound (5 weeks):

During this project I wrote the character, pickups, checkpoint system and the HUD.


Fused (10 weeks):

My main responsibility during this project was the AI. Apart from that I also wrote the camera and the shaders.


Tales of Towers (6 weeks):

Wrote pathfinding, special abilities, achivements and implemented sound using FMod.


Personal projects:


My work sample when I applied for PlaygroundSquad. A tank game for 8 players over LAN, featuring different multiplayer modes. Used SDL, SDL_Net and OpenGL.



A 2.5d engine using DirectX and HLSL. In early development.