Viktor Johansson

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2013

I am a 22 year old programmer, currently on begining my second year at Playgroundsquad.

As for now I have experience in C++, HLSL, DirectX and some JAVA. I have also worked with FMOD, RakNet and Havok. I have also experimented some with Oculus Rift.

School projects

Currently I have worked at two project here at Playgroundsquad. Wild West Heist and Medusa.


Wildwest Heist were our first project that lasted five weeks. In this project me and my fellow programmer Tim had great communication. We had no assiged areas for programming in this project, so we both worked with pretty much everything all the time.

Gamplay trailer: Wild West Heist

Medusa were our second project that lasted nine weeks. In this project we took it up a notch and implemented Havok and Oculus Rift. I was assinged the lead programmer role and stood for most of the planning on the programming side. During this project I were responsible for Oculus and my fellow programmer Clayton were responible for Havok. The project turned out fine and it felt like I gained much experience during this project.

Gameplay trailer: Medusa