Victor Sanderfors

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2009


Name: Victor Sanderfors

Born: 1990-10-18

Adress: Västervägen 18, 814 31 Skutskär

Phone Number: +46 (0) 730 52 86 56

Mail: victor.sanderfors(at)


So who am I?

I'm a 20 year old guy who loves to play games. This love for games made me want to explore the world of creating games. I learned C++ Programming in High School and now am I studying at Playground Squad to improve my Programming skills. I have learned alot more about 3D-Programming and DirectX.


What is my skills?

I got Excelent C++ knowledge. On Playground Squad I've learned alot about DirectX and various game mechanics such as AI, LOD and Shadows. I also know some about PhysX, RakNet, HLSL and MEL. 

Very Good Objective-C knowledge. During my intership I got the opportunity to program and develop to the iPhone and iPad, thus learning the language Objective-C and Cocoa. More info about the game will come as soon as the game is released on the app store.


How about social skills?

I am very good at communitcating with other people and I got  no problem with working togheter in groups. In the school projects at Playground Squad we worked togheter in small groups so communication was required for progress.

Swedish is mother tongue and I can speak and write English very well.


Any goals?

Yes, I always want to improve my Programming skills so I always give everything I can in a task. A mediocre performance or result will not satisfy me at all if I know I can do better, so I always do my best.


Ok, what did you do in the Projects?

I will start chronologically with Trapped.

-Trapped is a FPS Horror game where you play as Johnny Cart who's mentaly ill. His psychologist gives him a pill. The pill makes him sleep and dream a nightmare, in which he must confront some of his worst situations in his life.

Trapped was a 5 week project where I was the one coding all the triggers in the game. 

-Sunlight is the second school project. Sunlight is a sci-fi RTS. You can play as either humans or aliens in a 1 on 1 battle over network on a foreign planet. You must capture important points on the battlefield to gain resources and victory points to secure the planet. You must also gain solar energy with a special vehicle in the most sunlit areas on the battlefield. 

This project was 10 weeks long, in which I did all unit behavior (except pathfinding) and player control.



-Talon's Reach is the third and last project on the school. This project was different from the other two since we had the chance to develop to the PSP. The setting is in the 16th century after where necromancers, priests and alchemists have brought an end to the world. The protagonist must find a way in the Marrowblack Citadel to put an end to the deranged priest who controlls the world. 

You play as an antropomorphic crow with "the talon's reach", a spectral grappling-hook. With this detachable grappling-hook you can catch enemy projectiles to empower your attacks or use it to switch levers from a distance.

A 6 week project in which I did the main character controllings and the grappling-hook coding. Also abit of AI. 



Lastly, got References and source code?

References and source code is available upon request.