Veronica Norbrink

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2020

Hi there! 

My name is Veronica Norbrink and I'm an artist with focus on animation who's currently studying game art and animation at Playgroundsquad. I started playing around with pixel art and pixel animation year 2016 and in 2020 I made my first 3D animation and haven't looked back since.

My primary go to program for animation is currently Autodesk Maya but I also have experience in both Blender and Aseprite (for pixel animation). During my time here at PSQ I've also gotten first hand experience with using mocap in Motionbuilder and immediately fell in love with it.

On my spare time I prefer to just sit down with a cup of tea and watch some anime or play some games. I'm also a huge fan of both cats and flowers.

Game Project 1: Chalice Wizard

For this game project I was the only rigger and 3D animator so my main task was to rig and animate the playable character. However up until the character was completed my tasks varied a bit more:

  • Made concept art for the environment/backgrounds
  • Created moodboards to help keep an overall cohesive theme in the game
  • Sculpted assets and textured them in Substance
  • Rigged and animated the playable character

Game Project 2: Liberosis

In our team (Cloud 13) I was the sole animator and rigger once again so for the majority of the project I had my hands full with animation for both the playable character but also animals in the game such as sky whales and flying mantas.

  • Sculped rocks in Zbrush and did retopology in Maya
  • Rigged Sky whales, mantas and the character
  • Animated Sky whales, mantas and the character
  • Helped out with cloth physics on the character