Tobias Luckey

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2017

I love people, maths and programming. I'm the person that my co-workers talk to when they either have a tough problem, tough bug or a tough week.

Feel free to have a look at my resume, LinkedIn or my still rather empty Github.

During the my time at PSQ I did two student projects spanning nine weeks and one spanning five weeks.

During project three, Hellgun, I:

  • Programmed the alien swarm of flying, laser shooting robots to chase the player and avoid colliding with obstacles.
  • Worked on the aiming and shooting of the gun.
  • Movement of the player.

During project two, Gill & Gull, I :

  • made Maya into a level editor that enabled our designers to create content and iterate fast on it with a one click script. It exported to JSON and converted that into flatbuffer binaries.
  • designed most parts of our rendering pipeline, including features such as alpha sorting and frustum culling.
  • implemented, adapted, bug fixed and optimized a student made PBR implementation.
  • implemented and reworked a student made shadow mapping technique.
  • acted as lead programmer, keeping track of my two colleagues progress, making sure we stayed on target. I organized the weekly sprints and synchronized our planning with the designer and graphics leads with our focus set on low cost and high value.
  • wrote the shaders and resources required for the rope rendering.
  • implemented and tweaked tone mapping and vibrancy post effects.
  • acted as general tech support for the whole team, teaching them how to use and extend the level editor, how to work with the PBR pipeline and more.
  • Ported some graphics to PS4.

During project one, Arrow Combat, I:

  • acted as lead programmer.
  • focused early on getting the first prototype up as early as possible so the graphics team could try their assets in-game from the get-go.
  • designed and wrote the arrow managing and rendering systems.
  • designed and wrote the particle system.
  • wrote the bouncy arrow physics.
  • wrote the hit detection and reaction for the arrows.

Here's a small side project I did when there was time over during our courses.