Tim Pettersson

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2013

My name is Tim Pettersson, I am a 20 year old game programmer currently studying at PlaygroundSquad.

So far I have completed two projects while studying at PlaygroundSquad, and im currently working on a third one.

The first project I worked on was a western themed, single player game called "Wild West Heist". On this project I worked on general gameplay, the loot and robbing mechanics, and implementing support for playing with an Xbox Controller.

The second game project I worked on was a local multiplayer game for the Playstation 4 called "Ruckus Rumble". On this project I programmed the grid system used in the game, a cross-platform input system, the main menu, the powerups and a particle editor that the graphical artists used to make the particles for the game and I also worked alot on the general gameplay mechanics.

I am currently working on a 1-4 player survival co-op game for the Playstation 4.
So far on this project i have worked with AI, character movement/collision, a navigation mesh system used for pathfinding by the AI. I have also added an updated version of the particle system used in Ruckus Rumble.