Sylvester Grönlund

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2014

Sylvester Gustafsson Grönlund

20 year old Programmer student from falun, dalarna.


Thing ive done/worked/been on:

Lady Bazooka 2.0(School Project):

Lady Bazooka(School Project):

Midgård Madness(School Project):

Dice programming competition:

Global Game Jam:

Falunacy Game Jam with Jonatan Olsson:

(just video)


Lady bazooka 2.0:


Lady bazooka:


- code

- Fixed so alot can be created from .json files

- Score screen

- Character Select


- Implementation


- Physics Component

- Explosion Component

- Morpheme Animation Component

Box2D(Physics engine)

- Implementation

- Helper functions for loading bodys(physics objects) from .json

- Callback classes


- Jumping

- melee

- Playing animations

- aiming (animation)


- Loading Screen

- SplashScreen

- Alot of Bug Fixing



Midgård madness:

What I did: 
- GUI 
- UI 
- Particle system 
- Menu(highscore, options, etc) 
- Score screen 
- States