Justine (Swan Yun) Eng

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2020

Hello there!

I'm Justine Eng and I am an aspiring 3D artist who is passionate about rigging and animation and has been for over a year. I was responsible for rigging and animating props and characters in several game projects and possess competencies in tools such as Maya skinning tool, Python scripts in Maya and Animbot to improve workflow during my education at Playgroundsquad. I also worked on "Heliotrope" - Rookie Awards 2021 Game of the Year Console & PC draft selection as main rigger and animator.

I am known by friends and family to be focused, driven and hard working, and since I was young I had a keen eye for motion or movement. I am quick to notice small details in gestures, body language, reactions and expressions which I believe help me bring accuracy and life into my animation.

Game project 1: Duck Duck BOOM

  • Rigging the player character and the duck 
  • Animating the player character movements ( Idle, Walk, Attack, Death)
  • Flip book VFX

Game project 2: Heliotrope

  • Rigging (Bunny, Grunt, Key and Lock)
  • Animating the Grunt ( Idle, Taunt, Operating Machine )
  • Animating the Bunny ( 3 part Power Jump)
  • Animating the Key for Collectible UI
  • Animating the Lock prior to the end credits

 Key achievement

  • Rookie Awards 2021 Game of the Year Console & PC draft selection