Sven van Wiggen

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2019

Hi there! I'm Sven, an animator with a particular interest in visual storytelling, on top of having an interest in rigging. I have a strong drive to learn, and I aim to one day work with cinematic animation. 

I'm a generally pretty laid back guy, and a dreamer with a bit of thing for military science fiction (or just science fiction in general, really) and fantasy. I really enjoy story-based games, and you can occasionally find me playing Dungeons and Dragon as well. 

Punch Party - During this project, my primary responsibilites were as animator and rigging lead. I also did some prop modelling. 

Song of the Bardbarians - Here I was tasked with animating the player character, and I was also the sole rigger on the whole project. At the start of the project I did some concept art, namely that for the players' weapon.