Sofie Färdig

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2017

3D-generalist with focus on modeling, sculpting and texturing. I work with both PBR and handpainted textures, and also enjoy painting both digitally and traditionally. 

You wanna hear my life story? I didn't think so. Here it is anyway.

Other than that, I love FPS, sandbox, moba and management simulation games. I always get hooked on games like The forest, Rimworld and Ark and I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember. Coffee is my weapon of choise, and before I went in to gamedevelopment, I was studying to become a stylist. Whilst all the other students wanted to make perfect eyebrows and high fashion hairstyles, I wanted to make people in to zombies. So i changed my field, and have never looked back since.