Sebastian Vesterlund

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2017

A 0x25-yo, that's 37 for you decimal enthusiasts out there, (mostly) hetero white cis male (because the game industry can never have enough of those). I've been hobby programming on and off for about two decades; My first language was QBasic and my last was QB64. I like foxes, children and rice cream. I am a self-admitted recovering arachnophobe whose drugs of choice include Dr Pepper, licorice and Dungeons & Dragons.

Projects from my time at Playground Squad

Station 5

The darling child of Viktor Uppman and Alissa Hägglund, Station 5 was our shameless rip-off of every horror 1st-person game... with a twist. The monster is invisible!

This project took a group of nine people nine weeks, and there is a version for both PC and the Playstation 4. I implemented 3D-sounds with FMOD, and helped on the LUA API. I wrote most of the scripted events in the game(triggers, flickering lights, sound effects, etc)... oh, and I also made the sound tracking 'whiteout tracking aid' radar mechanic(more like sonar).

I love you all <3

Let's finish chapter two some day...


The second project was a rather unusual puzzle platformer concept, designed by Alissa Hägglund and Lizzy Theunissen, in which you play as two children with the power to break the split screen. The cross-screen teleportation is actually rather broken, but it's a really fun game to play. If I had the chance to ever continue development of this game, I'd sign up in a heartbeat.

The game was developed for Playstation 4 by ten(or rather, twelve, but we don't talk about the sound guys...) people over the course of nine weeks, and... I mainly worked on the teleportation mechanic. It uses the Box 2D physics engine, and involves some clever camera trickery that one of our graphic artists came up with(I'm sorry, I don't remember which one of you it was) to match the perspectives on both sides of the screen.

Arrow Combat

Our first proper game project, a 4-player brawler designed by Samuel Einheri, in which you play as one of (up to) four archers trying to be the first to reach the target score by eliminating your opponents using bouncing arrows.

The game was developed for PC in Tengine, and took five people five weeks to complete. I mainly did the menu "system" and the player↔player collision system -the most useless feature for such a game- and at the time, my proudest achievement.

Colors of the Witch

This was a 4-player brawler developed in Unity for the gamejam Falunacy. The theme, if I recall correctly, was 'Falu röd' -the famous colour- and in the game you play as one of four witches, flying around on paintbrushes, trying to paint the arena in your colour, while eliminating the competition by tackling them out of the arena(yes, it's clearly inspired by Splatoon).

This game was made for PC by nine people over the course of a weekend, and my primary contribution was implementing player movement/controls.