š“†˛Sebastian Jƶnestigš“†¯

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2023


I'm Sebastian and I'm a student Game Designer with a current focus on level & combat design. I love crazy concepts that has my head spin around with new ideas to try in games. I excell in visual scripting in both Unreal and Unity, working hard and learning everything I can, to solve every problem I come across.

Game Project 3 - Upcoming

Genre: x
Game Engine: x
Team Size: x
Duration: 9 Weeks
Platform: x
Year: 2024

  • Blank
Game Project 2 - Rocket Rider

Genre: Action Platformer, Beat-Em-Ups
Game Engine: Unreal
Team Size: 17
Duration: 9 Weeks
Platform: PS5
Year: 2024

  • I pitched the original Game Concept.
  • Level Design on some sections & Level QA (Quality Assurance)
  • Worked partially on UI with Widget Blueprints and creating modular assets for UI.
  • Geometry Scripting Tools (For Level Design)
Game Project 1 - BEETLEBOT

Genre: Action, Rogue-like
Game Engine: Tengine (In-House)
Team Size: 12
Duration: 6 Weeks
Platform: PS5, PC
Year: 2023

  • I came up with the Game Concept.
  • I recorded and edited SFX for the game.
  • Level Design, Made the boss room.

Games I Like:

Armored Core 6

Ghost of Tsushima

The Last of Us

Metal Gear Rising (Metal Gear series in general)

Devil May Cry series

NieR series