Sandra Björklund

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2011

About me:

I was born in 1988 and have been playing games since I was very little.

My passion for gaming has always been high that I decided I wanted to make games for a living when I was in middle school.

It wasn't until later when I got my hands on programming courses that I knew I wanted to be a programming as it felt so natural to me with my love for math and problem solving.

I had some basic courses in C++ and Allegro in high school ( 10th - 12th grade ).

After high school I went to a school called PowerHouse where I learned more advanced C++ and some basics in Directx 9, AI, Network and sorting algorithms.

Currently I'm a student at PlaygroundSquad where I have learned more advanced programming through courses and game projects.

Some of the things I've learned are programming games in a 3D enviroment, HLSL Shaders, FMOD, basic Raknet, basic Havok physics and working together with designers, artists and other programmers.


 First Project: The LightHouse (5 weeks)  PC

Handled the movement and animations of the player characters.

Created triggers that was used to open doors and spawn enemies.

Created a spawn manager that spawned the enemies.

Did fake instanced where we only used one model for the same enemies to not cause lag spikes when creating new enemies.

Created an enemy manager that had all the enemy data loaded so it would go fast to create new enemies. It also updated and rendered the enemies.

Loaded and handled the in-game interface.

Handled the FMOD eventsystem for music and sound effects.

Created a particle editor which I later updated with some more particle effects.


 Second Project: Low-Life (9 weeks)  PC

Created a tool with these functionalities:

    Put out cameras with a position and direction.

    Create trigger boxes that would switch to it's targeted camera     when triggered.

    Set out items in the map and add spheres to it for pickup           collision.

    Set out the game objectives and a sphere around it where you     could interact with it.

    Create areas you could interact with that showed messages.

    Create Portals for switching between inside and outside area       on the map.

    Put out spot and point light and set post-processing light for       the map.

Created a deffered light shader, no shadows.

Created a post-processing light shader with desaturation, contrast and tint.

Added the camera functionality, portals and deffered lights from the tool to the game.

Loaded item data and game objects data to each level.

Created a sound manager to handle all the sound and used programmer sound for the dialouges.


Third Project: When in Rome (9 weeks)  PS3 / PC

Made a tool to create navigation meshes and test ai pathfinding on it.

Handled the AI pathfinding and attack behaivor.

Added spawning enemies and wave system.

Created enemy types and waves through txt files for designers.

Implemented FMOD.

Handled the playing of sound and music.

Created a new particle editor that could handle Texture2DArray.

Handled the damage dealing on player and enemies.