Pontus Hassis

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2018

I'm a game designer with a focus on level design. I have a bachelors degree in game design from Uppsala University and have spent my time here at PlaygroundSquad honing my design skills further and looking for employment and internships in the games industry. 

I have a wide range of skills, including: 

  • Design and Production: Game Design (Including UI, UX ,Level Design and more),MDA/DDE analysis, Scrum,  Conflict Resolution and Listening Leadership
  • Development Software and Langages: Unity, C#, Lua, Unreal 4, Blueprint, Twine 2
  • Graphics Software: Photoshop, 3ds Max, Maya, Motion Builder, Motive motion capture, Substance Painter
  • Game Genera Development Experience: 3D Platforming Games, First Person Shooters, Racing Games, Multiplayer Brawlers ,Collectable Card Games, and Augmented Reality Games.
  • Beyond these I have of course have experience in all the basics like Word, Excel ,Sourcetree et cetera.

Link to portfolio for work outside this education: https://ponyusdesignsgames.wordpress.com/