Pontus Avén Ytterholm

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2020

Hello! I am a technically minded aspiring game designer looking forward to a opportunity to work within the industry, learn new things and work with new teams!

I have been a part of 6 game projects in Unity learning a fair bit of C#, 1 project in Tengine and looking to learn Unreal Engine with a bit of C++ & blueprints soon.

Within student projects my primary roles have been that of a leader and system designer working closely with our coders, clearly defining mechanics and eventually fine tuning them to make every interaction between the player and the game just right.

PSQ Project 1 - Chalice Wizard

My contribution:

Lead & system design defining every mechanic and tuning them along the way.

PSQ Project 2 - Liberosis

My contribution: 

Level 1 & the player systems as well as a lot of smaller tasks along the way handling everything from sprint reviews to debugging.