Per Johannesson

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2010

Currently working as Per at Stunlock Studios.

For my internship I went to Ubisoft Sofia where I worked as a Trainee, Level Design.

Per Johannesson, born on the tenth of april 1991. For a long period of time, nothing happened. Then.

Reef Beef.

The first time I ever worked on a video-game, the first time I ever worked seriously on a project including more than 3 people. Learning the basics of managing all aspects in the game, delegation of duties and the importance of communication. The production of Reef Beef is a perfect example of learning by making mistakes, and I am grateful for it. I may not have done a great job during this project, but I learned a lot from it!


Captain Herberos.

In this project I stepped into a more specified role, as a Producer I was in charge of all kinds of managing, handing out assignments and communicating problems that would occur during production. All my experience from the earlier project really helped me here as I easily noticed when miss-interpretations between co-workers occurred, eliminating faults that would appear if someone kept working on the wrong assignments. The greatest challenge here was deciding what to prioritize and in what order. During the project I also kept a personal log were I wrote down things I felt were worth noting, I kept it up the whole project with varied quality of the texts.



Showdown was clean and easy, no roles between us designers was officially put. Partook in the planning, tweaking of weapons and all other mechanics also level design.